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We continuously strive to ensure availability of quality and affordable primary healthcare to people in bottom of the socioeconomic pyramid.The most innovative aspect of our model is to make the primary health care services affordable to the underpreviledge population.

Current Primary Healthcare Challenges in India
It 's been a big challenge to deliver quality primary healthcare to large populations due to the following:

Awareness: People are less or not aware of their own health issue. They put it in low priority in their list.

Accessability: In India approximately 30% of population (majorly urban )have proper access to healthcare provider , however 70% of population ( majorly rural ) are deprived or less access to proper healthcare service.

Together we can overcome the challenge
The most common causes of deaths in India are diseases like diabetes, cardiac diseases and respiratory diseases. These issues can be addressed at the early stage through vital screening and consultation at regular interval.

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